LED Lighting Products To Enter Japan Market


First, Japan LED lighting certification standards

According to Te information survey, Japan there is no official LED lighting product safety standards and certification. Japan electric lamp Manufacturers Association prepared a Japan industry standard (JIS) for LED lamps safety specifications of the original data, but this will be granted only until next year. At present, the low price LED lights occupied the whole of the market, introduction of an LED lighting standards is imminent, overseas companies now want to enter Japan market may refer to the following two certification standards.

1, JIS certification (Japan industrial standards)

JIS certification is a national industrial standard laws and recognized, voluntary standards. JIS certification standards for measurement methods need to check the model number, dimensions, function and safety aspects of products. When a product's quality in conformity with JIS Standards for quality assurance, can be smoothly put into Japan market. Overseas markets a total of 12 countries and regions now use JIS certification standard: Korea, North Korea, China's Taiwan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam, and Malaysia, and India and Mexico.

2, PSE certification

Wanted to enter Japan market of electrical companies, safety of PSE is a compulsory certification. PSE has 2 types of certification marks: PSE Diamond certification mark (mandatory) was used for the specified product, PSE Circle marks (voluntary) is used for non-specified product certification. And this certification only Japan take responsibility of manufacturers or importers, rather than foreign manufacturers, in Japan the very strict certification and has a high reputation.