Innovation Is Imperative China Lighting Capital Seeking To Upgrade


Lighting industrial upgrading innovation is imperative

In the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan industrial cluster economy is very distinctive. In 2007, the Zhongshan industrial production accounted for more than the city's total industrial output value of 70% clusters.

Numerous industrial clusters in Zhongshan in the lighting industry is a major traditional industries, Zhongshan, also known as "the China lighting capital". Most clusters by the lighting industry, guzhen town, local lighting-related businesses more than 5,000 enterprises, employing more than 100,000 people, scale up to 16 billion yuan.

However, lighting manufacturing, lighting products, has in the past been labour-intensive industries, technological content and value-added products are not high, the upgrading of industrial cluster is very urgent. Deputy Secretary of Zhongshan municipal Committee Li Qihong, Mayor told reporters: "Zhongshan is the only pilot city innovation of industrial clusters in Guangdong Province. Previous administrative town for the layout of the industrial cluster has to support big business and the long industrialization characterized by value chain. As led lighting innovations of industrial cluster upgrading ' pioneering ' area, guzhen lighting industry must improve the brand chain effects, technology alliances, regional brands, industry supporting full innovation centers, distribution centers and other upgrades to become more influential and competitive industrial core. ”

"The arrival of the financial crisis, affected a lot of the real estate industry, guzhen's lighting also suffered quite a bit of influence, accelerate the upgrade and innovation, and enhance their own competitiveness. "Zhongshan guzhen town Vice Mayor Wei Hongrui said.