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LED Emergency Lights Works
Jul 28, 2015

LED emergency lights must be equipped with emergency devices-inverter (inverter). Inverter is a DC (battery, storage battery) into alternating current (typically 220v50HZ sine or square wave). Emergency power supply, usually reverse into a 220V AC DC battery. Generally speaking, inverter is a DC current (DC) into alternating current (AC) of the device. It by the inverter, control logic and filter circuit.

When the mains AC supply, inverter emergency lighting battery charging, backup status when mains power outage or earthquake, attacks, explosions and other accidents or other emergencies caused by the mains AC suddenly interrupted, the inverter starts, convert the battery continued to light up the lamp, the conversion time is less than 0.1 seconds. Matching different capacity batteries up to 1-3 hours of emergency lighting time, adapted to different needs. -25-+70 temperature environments.

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