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Application of light penetration in landscape lighting
Jul 28, 2015

Light lights lighting was installed in the Interior of the building, through Windows or glass curtain wall, forming patches of light emitting surfaces or luminous, watching from the outside at night the effect is very distinctive, more vivid than the uniform irradiation of floodlights, and has the advantage of saving, easy maintenance.

Light lighting in specific practices, there are two, one is not installed within the translucent lighting, but to use indoor lights, night lights, revealing light outward, at present most light lighting in such a case;

Second transmission facilities within the room specially set, set in glass curtain walls, colonnades, permeable structures or art balcony and other parts.

Interior lighting can be installed above or below the window horizontally and vertically on either side of the window, determined according to the design requirements.

There are many examples of this kind of lighting in abroad, such as National Bank of Chicago, United States Colorado Denver financial building, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and so very unique. Shanghai Government in 2001, is one of the ten things within light engineering, Shanghai's night more beautiful and more radiant.

"In the light" idea, some architectural pieces and lighting are very good together to form a "light comedy", or "light sculpture", can achieve very good role to beautify the environment.

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